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Discount Shirts Business - Self-Employment

You have grown tired of commuting to a job where you sit in a cubicle and do someone elses bidding. You have got a better idea, you can build a better Discount Shirts Business, you know you have the knack for being in the right place at the right time, and so you are thinking of self-employment.

But how do you determine if this is a pipe dream or an idea worth pursuing?

Being your own boss means that you will be in control of all of the decisions affecting your working life. You will write your own Discount Shirts Business Plan, your quality assurance procedures, your pricing and marketing strategies - you will do everything. You will have job security as you cannott be fired for doing things your way. As you perform a variety of tasks related to your work, you will learn new skills and broaden your abilities.

You will even have the flexibility to decide your own hours of operation, working conditions, and business location. If you are working out of your home, your start-up costs may be reduced. You will also experience lower operating costs; after all, you'll be paying for the rent and utilities anyway. If the location of your Discount Shirts Business is not important, you can live wherever you want. At any rate, if you work at home, you will greatly reduce your daily commuting time and expense.

  • Many people who shift to self-employment state that an increased level of flexibility is the biggest reason why they take the leap.

  • Self-employed people are in control of their own raises. Basically, people are able to pitch or contract work with increasing rates of compensation if they so choose. There is no longer the need to go through a year of work, get reviewed by your supervisor and then see if you get a 3% cost of living raise.

  • You have creative control over what you are doing.

  • Self-employed people can create the best Discount Shirts Business for their personality.

  • Self-employed people often mention that they switched to working for themselves because it is easier to care for their children. If they have a sick toddler, they are able to better manage that situation.

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Work For Yourself?

Many people around the world work for themselves. This is true even where job opportunities abound.

Self-employment rates have been rising for decades. Some predict by 2020 more than 40% of the workforce will be self-employed. Given that self-employment—much like entrepreneurship—closes the gap between supply and demand, increases in self-employment lead to higher economic prosperity over time.

Yet what is the best way to decide between traditional, full-time employment and being your own boss? A great deal of psychological research has been conducted to answer precisely this question.

Psychologists have evaluated whether the biological make-up of self-employed individuals may be different from people in traditional employment. However, few salient differences have been found between both groups.

It appears differences are best understood at the psychological rather than biological level. Ample evidence shows success and satisfaction levels with self-employment are largely dependent on people’s personality. In other words, your typical character style and behavioral preferences determine both how effective and happy you will be if you enter self-employment.

Self-employment is a better alternative for individuals with an entrepreneurial personality, which concerns being more creative, opportunistic, proactive, and visionary. The main reason is these competencies help individuals remain self-motivated and engaged, even in the absence of a clear work structure and routine. Individuals with this profile tend to get bored in traditional jobs, and are generally reluctant to follow orders and processes.

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